You may order our full color personalized items in two ways. 

1.  Email, Call or Fax your order in.  Simply tell us which products, and what options (text, colors, etc.) you want.  Remember, if you are having your supplied photo, logo, or mascot on the product(s), then you must either send it to us, or email it (3 MB limit).  Picture may be in a digital format (Floppy, CD, etc.), or a picture that we can scan from.  Remember, the better the original photo, the better your products will look. All photos or disks will be returned unharmed to you with your products.  THIS IS THE EASIEST WAY.  email

2.  Mail your order in using our supplied order form.   If you have Microsoft Word (6.0 or later) installed on your computer, then you can open our forms, fill them out while in Word, and fax, or mail it to us.  There also is a sample order form (already filled out with a sample order) available for you to view in Word.  Please open up the Products Codes & Price List.  You will need this to fill out the order form. Simply click on a link below, Word for Windows will automatically be started up with the appropriate form loaded.  You can then fill the order form out in Word, mail it with your picture & payment, or if you are not having a custom photo, then fax it to us. 

Full Color Products Order Form
(Microsoft Word 6.0 or Later)
Sample Order Form
(Filled out with a ficticious order)


Our pride is in the quality of our work, our low prices, and the satisfaction of our customers.  If you have
any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us
Fax (239-482-5504)
12155 Metro Parwkay, Suite 1t
Fort Myers, FL  33966