Plaques are a great way to remember a special occasion forever

Our plaques are flat, 5/8" thick, unisub material with a cherry finish.  Unlike screen printing, color is very rich, detailed, and will not flake off, since it is heated below the surface of the plaque

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You can have any picture or text put on these high quality plaques

Full Color Personalized Plaques

Order for grandparents, uncles, aunts, friends, etc.

7" X 9" cherry plaque with unbelievable vibrant, detailed colors that will never flake off.

Availability: usually ships within 5 business days

Price (1-4)
Price (5 or more)
Picture Setup (one time per picture)


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Christmas with Holly Christmas with Snowman Newborn, Christening, etc.

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Wedding Plaque1 Wedding Plaque2
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