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The finest Lapel Pins - Custom Trading Pins - Stock Pins & More

Custom Pins are just one of our specialties.  We have the GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICES, Fast Production Time, and Best Quality.  Our Friendly Staff will not only suggest what type of pin suits you best, but we offer free artwork & design.  Simply click on a type of pin above for detailed descriptions of each process, or click on the Price Quote button to the left to get an exact quote.  Don't worry - we will make sure your custom pin buying experience is smooth and simple.

We offer the following services FREE of charge with every lapel pin order:

  • FREE Artwork & Design
  • FREE  Proof w/ Unlimited Revisions
  • FREE FedEx Priority Air Shipping
  • FREE Setup and Mold Fee
  • 14 Day Production Time


We are a recognized leader in designing-

  • Corporate Logo Lapel Pins
  • Employee Recognition Lapel Pins
  • Baseball Trading Lapel Pins
  • Christian Lapel Pins and much more...

Our Sales & Marketing Associates are standing by!

Below we describe each type of pin so you can choose what is best for your design

Choose a Lapel Pin type that is best for your design-

Cloisonné Pins

cloisonne lapel pincloisonne lapel pin

An exquisite lapel pin that has hard enamel colors that are glossy, fresh and bright. This pin is durable and sturdy, the color spacing is neat and well proportioned, and has metal plating that glitters. This lapel pin has the jewelry-like finish and is highly recommended.

Die-Struck Pins

die struck lapel pinsdie struck lapel pins

This lapel pin is most popular as a two tone metal with no color. For this pin type the raised areas are polished to a high luster and the recessed areas are sandblasted to give depth. All metal types such as gold, silver and antiqued give a special classical finish. This lapel pin is highly recommended for its beauty and where colors are distracting.

Photo-Etched Pins

photo-etched lapel pinsphoto-etched lapel pins

Known as the most economical pin type. These lapel pins can incorporate a full range of colors needed. Photo-etched pins also allow for more detail and intricate designs. This pin also uses a lighter metal thickness 0.08mm and is recommended with an epoxy dome for protection of the paint. This pin type is a favorite for saving on cost and great for a give away or pin trading!

Soft Enamel

silkscreen lapel pinssilkscreen lapel pins

Soft enamel pins are used when cost is a factor or fine detail is not needed. Sometimes, an epoxy dome is added to the pin to prevent scratching. These lapel pins are similar to hard-enamel but the edges between the colors are not as smooth. The die is made similar to cloisonné. We begin by die striking your design into iron or copper. Then we plate to your specified color. Soft enamel pins are frequently used for sport pins, corporate pins and other types of lapel pins

Offset or Photographic Pins

photographic lapel  pinsphotographic lapel  pins

Offers the highest degree of detail achieved in a lapel pin. If you have artwork that has blended colors this is the only process for you. This process allows for pictures or photographs to be transferred to a lapel pin. Please provide high resolution pictures or artwork for this process.